School based constables
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  • Henry Maitland Gray

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    School Based Policing, a unique Northern Territory Program was established in 1985. It has had a profound and lasting impact upon youth in Territory Schools. Its focus has been toward proactive policing A major outcome has been the development of a positive policing profile. The School Based Constable Program has been a real winner. Perceptions held of it within other arms of the Police Department are surprisingly negative.

    Recommendations this paper offers may well strengthen SBC Program qualities and help overcome the challenges it confronts from within the Police Force.

    The study takes account of issues embodied in this statement of intent.
    • To provide topical background and a 'frame of reference' within which the project is developed.
    • To reveal what the School Based Constable Program has achieved, and why it is under pressure.
    • To consider the history of the SBC Program in the NT, with especial reference to the Darwin Area.
    • To study the impact and contribution of the scheme's founders, both Police Department and Education Department personnel.
    Date of Award1994
    Original languageEnglish

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