Strategic options of an aquaculture venture in the Northern Territory

  • Susan Rosemary Van-Cuylenburg

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    The Northern Territory government has been involved in the Barramundi farming industry since 1988 when it established a pilot barramundi hatchery at Stokes Hill in Darwin (Shelley & Schipp 1995). To illustrate, an aquaculture venture in the Northern Territory, the Australian barramundi Culture Pty Ltd Company, has been chosen as the case study.

    The investment of the government in barramundi farming led the Australian Barramundi Culture Pty Ltd (ABC ) to be formed. The Company saw such support from the Government as a prelude to a sound investment into barramundi production in the Northern Territory.

    This dissertation looks at the options open to the Company and the avenues it can follow to enhance its profitability.

    A brief overview of barramundi in the world and Australian context is first described. The background and history of the development of the ABC company is discussed and a business plan for the company is developed. The strategic options open to the Company are looked at with some marketing research suggested. Finally a set of recommendations are given which offer the Company alternative options that they could take, which potentially could result in a more profitable venture.

    This dissertation will be used by the Company as a submission for joint research projects, gaining support for investment or grants/aid from funding bodies. It is a working document which the Company will be able to use over the next 3 years to help develop direction for the Company and to take advantage of opportunities through the identification of trends and hence niche markets.

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    Date of Award1997
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMerrick L. Jones (Supervisor)

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