Study on life-stlye of the new generation consumer and consumer behavior for marketing strategy in the automobile industry in Korea

  • Young-Jin Jang

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    As a result of industrialisation and westernisation, Korean society has developed rapidly since 1960's. This has caused social changes, and in particular, sophisticated consumer needs and wants. One of the social trends is the emergence of the new generation within Korean society. The new generation has grown and has enjoyed economic benefits since 1960's. In accordance with the change of society and contemporary culture, it is very important to understand the new generation. The tendency of the new generation is different from the former generation in its way of thinking, values and purchasing patterns. They also have a strong purchasing power and have grown to be a main target group. Because of this, most organizations are trying to analyze how they consumes and acts. 

    The understanding of the new generation in the market place is effective and useful to the application of an organization's marketing strategy and decision marking. In the automobile industry, particularly, life-style research provides better ideas and appropriate information as to why the new generation purchases or prefers particular products rather than how they consume. In this regards, this dissertation attempts to analyse: 
    • The new generation and their life style 
    • Relationship between life-style and consumer behavior 
    • Relationship between life-style and marketing strategy 
    • Life-style analysis and its types

    Note: Abstract -- "analyze...decision marking...behavior" were typographical errors present in original text.
    Date of Award1996
    Original languageEnglish

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