Teaching English in the remote Eastern provinces of Indonesia
: a teacher perspective

  • Sally Johnston

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    This study investigates teacher perceptions of the educational issues considered to be barriers in the implementation of the high school English program in a defined area of Sumbawa in Eastern Indonesia. It identifies the issues that the teachers confront in the teaching of English and offers some strategies to overcome these problem areas. Ten Indonesian high school teachers participated in the study. The group determined a list of significant educational issues in a Nominal Group session in which items were identified and then rank ordered by the group. In-depth interviews based on the issues elicited in the nominal group session were then conducted. The results show a degree of congruence between the teachers' perceptions and establishes the main issues of concern for the teachers as (1) lack of facilities and teaching resources, (2) student motivation and (3) teacher ability. A number of perceived lesser priorities are also discussed; for example large class sizes and the curriculum which is regarded as too centralised and inappropriate. 
    Date of Award1994
    Original languageEnglish

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