The deployment of Estill Voice Training (EVT™) in community choirs
: two case studies from regional northern Australia

    Student thesis: Masters by Research - CDU


    In the latter 20th Century scientific approaches and the use of the latest technologies have contributed to the development of singing techniques. Whilst there has been some research into these training techniques in single voice training, there is no significant literature regarding the application of such techniques in the context of choral singing and conducting. The aim of this research is to evaluate the deployment of the Estill Voice Training™ (EVT) in choral training and conducting by exploring how this technique may or may not contribute positively, through its hand signals, both to rehearsals and performances of a given vocal ensemble. Therefore, Estill Voice Training™ technique were applied to the training of two community choirs based in Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia; the two choirs include individuals from different demographics, cultural backgrounds and musical skills.
    Date of AwardAug 2018
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMartin Jarvis (Supervisor) & Brian Mooney (Supervisor)

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