The direction and role of foreign direct investment in Hong Kong, 1985-1995 (with special reference to manufacturing)

  • Yin Xu

    Student thesis: Coursework Masters - CDU


    Hong Kong has been taken over by mainland China in July 1st, 1997. Hong Kong is now a "Special Administrative Region" (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. The legal basic form, which is guaranteed by the Government of China is "One Country, Two Systems".

    The territory has benefited from a unique balance between business and government; between local and overseas firms; and between managerial firms that have made large investments that provide the territorys economic infrastructure and entrepreneurial firms that hustle from deal to deal.

    Today, Hong Kong firms act as packagers and integrators, identifying rapidly evolving demands and matching them with emerging sources of supply. And Hong Kong has become a leading hub for transport, communication, business services, management, and manufacturing expertise in the region.

    Hong Kong's economic performance and its structural underpinning continue to attract professional interest and to serve as a source of policy inspiration. The territory may not be displaying the dynamism witnessed during the early phases of industrialisation, but the pace of expansion is healthy for a mature economy that has become service oriented and is plagued by supply-side constraints.

    As a Chinese, I am very much concerned about the future, especially the economic future of Hong Kong. This dissertation focuses on the Foreign Direct Investment in Hong Kong from 1985-1995, which had high influence in the rapidly developed economy.

    This dissertation also provides an analysis of the economic data now available on the Hong Kong's economic level, from 1985-1990, the relationship between ED! and the economic development. The research findings lead a prediction of Hong Kong's future role in the East Asia's Economic Region, which 1 believe, it will become a bridge between China and the world, A Major Business Centre in Pacific Asia, A Home and Host Country for Foreign Direct Investment and An Exporter of Technology.
    Date of Award1997
    Original languageEnglish

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