Which business skills are needed in community pharmacy practice?

  • Christina Darkadakis

    Student thesis: Other thesis - CDU


    Community pharmacists are requiring a wider range of skills in their practice and often undertake additional roles including: finance, management, accounting, marketing, human resources, training, and education. Australian universities have incorporated business units or programs into their curricula. Although business skills have an important role in community pharmacy, research in this area is lacking. This pilot study conducted in northern Australia investigates which business skills community pharmacists consider to be of most value. The survey tool Qualtrics© was used to design the questionnaire, distribute the survey via email and, in the statistical analysis of the data. Results will provide information on business practices in community pharmacy; identify the business skills required and, identify which business skills should be considered for incorporation into pharmacy curricula and/or taught as external to the degree. 46 percent of respondents were employed by pharmacy chains. 100 percent of the respondents rate management skills as very important, with training and education representing the second major non-dispensing activity. Over 50 percent strongly agreed that, “business skills are essential to the practice of community pharmacy”. The majority of respondents rated their proficiency in business skills as „average‟, with the exception of training and education where they rated skills as „above average‟. Over 50 percent of the pharmacists agreed that the business skills should be offered in pharmacy curricula, or externally. The fact that 60 percent of respondents disagreed that, “community pharmacists should not perform business oriented tasks in the community pharmacy”, correlates with literature findings in terms of the need for business skills in community pharmacy.
    Date of AwardNov 2010
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorPascale Dettwiller (Supervisor) & Mark Naunton (Supervisor)

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